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  Oct 10, 2018   admin

From Leanne Peard – EOTF Trainer
We have had a very busy month in the Class of Business #EOTF program.
Working on our marketing strategies, our home-based business ideas and strategies for growth.
We went to the YouTube creator’s day and the students discovered an entire world of tapping into their target market by creating videos on their products and niches.
What we learnt at the workshop was how to validate your target market, the types of videos to create and how to edit the videos.
The biggest takeaway was that many businesses are not utilising this platform (YouTube) and YouTube is the second largest search engine online.
This means that people will search for a particular problem or how to videos to gain the information that they need.
Watch this space as the students start to create videos for their businesses and be in-front of their competition online.
Another success story from our group of committed and action taking students in the program.
The students also presented to the staff at enVizion their own show, displaying their skills, the journey and their passion. You can view this replay of the event on our Facebook Page.

Exciting news for those that are thinking about starting a business, we are holding a free workshop online, you can find details on our Facebook Page - Discover successful home-based businesses.