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  Jun 29, 2018   admin

Wow, what a seriously robust performance that was. Just before hitting the road for the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) on Sunday 3rd June, the Virtual Reality Team took hold of 8 new Samsung Galaxy 8 phones to replace the old eight that have been in constant use for over two hammering years. 
This is a significant feat considering that the eight old sets of goggles, phones and headphones have been on and off over five thousand heads of all shapes and sizes in some extremely hot, dusty, rough and remote Aussie environments.

Has it been worth it? As an engagement tool in creating a real conversation about work and education between students of varying age and educational levels, entirely! As a method of delivering specific information from real industry professionals in a personalised, fully immersed and comfortable environment with no outside distraction, absolutely! To see the smiles, hope and intrigue emerge from under the goggles post-VR experience, unforgettable! 

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