Olly - The VRE wonder bus.

  Apr 15, 2018   admin


In case the term 'Olly the VRE bus' is new to you, let me explain a little further...

Olly is the bus developed to educate and inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote communities who have limited access to digital resources. The bus contains virtual reality (VR) headsets used to explore real-life stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their jobs and careers. The five stories the viewer can experience within the headsets are related to workers in agriculture, health, mining, aquaponics and construction.

The goal is for users to experience motivational messages to assist them in chosing employment pathways. The messages from the story tellers are about overcoming barriers. They provide an overview of employment opportunities, making a change and succeeding.

The virtual reality technology is a new way of teaching and engaging diverse groups of people in an interactive way. After viewing the VR work themes each person will be given the opportunity to discuss the experience with real life guides and further explore social, educational, employment and career possibilities.

Pauline and Peter are Olly's captain and co-pilot. They first explore remote areas to make contact with schools and communities then bring Olly to these locations.

Pauline recently flew to Alice Springs after an invitation from the Central Lands Council to brain storm ideas around engaging local people for work on the different mining and gas projects in the Yuendumu and Lajamanu districts in remote parts of the Northern Territory.

The Newmont Tanami Goldmine and the Newmont Gas Pipeline projects are key potential employers. Given the environmental and cultural extremes in this location, Pauline identified significant hurdles and opportunities for all involved. So, it is very satisfying that Olly the enVizion VRE bus has been invited back over to the NT to provide VRE and My Potentia projects in August. Stay tuned for more adventures with Olly.