The PIP Program is an intensive program for clients who may be experiencing complex issues which may result in barriers to long term unemployment.

enVizion works in partnership with people who are experiencing multiple and/or complex issues that are impeding them in life such as: Mental Health Issues; Substance Misuse and/or Addiction; Long Term Unemployment; Homelessness; Trauma.

enViZion walks hand in hand with clients to work through their ‘stuff’ then we assist them to make the appropriate decisions for their future.

We offer therapeutic delivery as opposed to therapy. This is based off real life scenario’s and live worAkshops which target the root cause of their issues and show transitional pathways for the future.

The clients also participate in ‘Environment Healing’. This is about reconnection to the land. All people have a connection to the land. This may be an unconscious thing, but environment healing assists them to re-connect. This is by fishing, bush walking, gathering, cooking or just being with other people in the openness of nature.

Partnership in Prosperity

Intensive support program for people with multiple extreme barriers:

  • Work in partnership to achieve lifestyle breakthroughs and accomplish their hopes and dreams, including movement towards a sustainable job or further job-related training
  • Intensive mentoring and support both in and out of home
  • Intensive support to individual’s and their and their families
  • Provide advocacy – referral to other agencies, Centrelink, housing etc.