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  Jun 1, 2018   admin

What a welcome change Autumn has been. The weather has started to cool and we have a few more days of sunshine.

*A few of our staff have been lucky to enjoy annual leave, celebrating their birthdays - Freida our Administration and Compliance Manager taking in the fresh sea breeze while enjoying a cruise & Sonyia our Training Administration having a blast at her 70's theme birthday party! They have both now returned refreshed and ready.

*Sachiko has been away on leave and in the short term Bhakti has joined our team as cleaner.

Wishing a very Happy birthday to anyone celebrating their birthdays in May and June:

- April 29th Sonyia

- May 7th Naing (Hospitality student)

- May 10th Suk (Hospitality student)

- May 11th Freida

- May 15th Elise (Community Services student)

- June 5th Mahli (Community Services student)

- June 6th Muang (Hospitality student)

- June 15th Jeremy (Hospitality student)

- June 16th Mahuta (Entrepreneurs Of The Future Student)

- June 21st Samuel (Community Services student)

Upcoming events:

  • No Public holidays this month so it is business as usual.
  • June - Julie-ann and Vicki will be taking some well earned time off and will be heading to Adelaide to attend Julie-ann's graduation celebration for her MBA.
  • June - As the calendar slowly marches towards the halfway mark of the year Vicki our Finance Manager eagerly awaits the end of Financial year

Student Quote:

"The Entrepreneurs of the Future course is a necessity for every business"

Quoted by Entrepreneur student/business owner 'Cherie Care'

Picture: Mahuta - during the Hospitality workshop.